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Simplified sales management ERP software

Sales management can streamline your entire fulfillment process. Reducing paperwork for your sales force, allowing them to focus their efforts on selling. It also ensures that customers get deliveries on time, boosting customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

The primary goal of any business is to grow profitably. Whether through attracting new customers or retaining existing ones, strong sales management is essential. Sales Management can strengthen your ability to increase revenue by enabling you to convert more prospects to customers and target the highest value opportunities.

During sales order-processing the basic functions are carried out are enquiry handlings, quotation preparation and processing, order management, monitoring the sales transaction, checking for availability, scheduling the delivery, calculating pricing, checking credit limits, sales invoicing/billing, creating printed or electronically transmitted documents.

Depending on how your system is configured, these functions may be completely automated. Sales Management module very actively interacts with the material management and financial accounting module for delivery and billing.

Quotation and sales orders enable the vital coordination of activities between your sales people, warehouses, shipping/delivery and accounting teams. They facilitate efficient management of accounts, shipping, invoicing and commissions. Sales management provides the tools—including sophisticated product configuration—to produce accurate quotation, streamline your quote-to-cash cycle and improve customer service. The Sales pipeline management system is designed to improve customer service, evaluate sales activities, capture trends, and perform advanced statistical analysis.

Sales Module in ERP

Features of sales management ERP

Optimize your profit margin with an efficient and accurate quoting module. Price for each item of the quotation may be obtained automatically from pricing sheet. If the quotation is successful, it is processed for generation of sales order. If the quotation is unsuccessful, the reason of failure and name of successful vendor can be recorded in the system for future reference.

This allows a company to manage sales operations quickly and efficiently. This process handles regular sales order, cost order, customer return and collect order. Rebate and commission process enables automatic calculation of commission to be paid to sales employees.

This process facilitate billing functions such as issuing of invoices based on goods / services provided, generating proforma invoices, issuing credit notes resulting corresponding entries in accounts receivable and control account of general ledger.

Credit Limits for each customer can be set to have tight control over credit sales. The rating can be given at the discretion and terms of payment is suggested by the system from the credit rating of the customer.

It draws most of its input from Inventory module for verifying available and projected stock, purchasing module for generation of direct delivery purchase order, delivery module for issuing order and shipment and accounts module where sales receivable are recorded.

Sales ERP Module

Benefits of sales management module in ERP

Create offer quotations based on customer past history Sales order. Optimize your profit margin with an efficient and accurate quoting module.

Extensive sales analytic tools help identify sales trends and profitability by product, business unit, customer and sales person

Quick and easy order entry with pull down menus and previous order history including, pricing/quantity discounts, and more

Flexible pricing and discount options including customer specific pricing, tier pricing and other discount terms

Complete credit management tools monitors credit limits, credit holds and other hold conditions

Complete scheduling of orders, pending Sales order tracking. Dispatch Instructions, packing and dispatch of order.

Creation of invoice based on sales order/ dispatches considering all compliances.

Ageing and outstanding tracking with reminders to customers.

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