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Manage your Employee data with EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICE [ESS]

Employee Self Service (ESS) is an Integral Part of Horizon HRMS. A digital platform that allows the employees to log in and manages their personal information. Employee Self Service allows employees to apply/cancel/extend leaves, training requests, request for salary certificates, NOC, experience certificates, Loans, HR requests, etc. can be made from Mobile Phones/tabs or computers. 

Employees and Managers can access the ESS from anywhere, even when they are at home, and it lets the managers approve or reject leave requests, Timesheet approvals, and Employee Transfer from Mobile Phones thereby Paper-based approval system will be totally eliminated. The Supervisors can manage and update the daily timesheet for each employee based on the job which they are allocated which will make their life easy.

Employee Data and Document Management:

Employees can upload their documents on the ESS Portal which HR users can access. This makes it easy for HR Users to organize documents against each employee where employees can see their personal, service, contact, insurance, entitlements, reporting managers, passport and visa copies, and payroll history if they are permitted to view. 

Horizon ESS can control the rights of each employee/department, which all the employees can view, edit or delete. This will help in keeping the confidentiality of the information. 

Employee Entitlements: 

Track the entitlements provided to an employee like Laptop, vehicle, mobile phone, SIM card, etc., and mark which all need to be collected back during the time of exit. The Employee can see Memo, Holiday Announcements, Training Schedules, view payslips, and so on.

Leave allowance: 

The employee can check his own leaves taken, forecast leaves as per the entitlements, and request leave.


Our ESS Application will allow you to configure Multiple levels of approvals by using our extensive approval management.

Status of the requests:

Employees view the status of all their requests on their dashboard which will help them to understand how many of their requests are pending/Approved

Company policies: 

The Employee Self Service portal allows the publication of company Policy documents that can be accessed by the employees. This makes it easy to inform the company policy updates among employees.

Dashboard, Notifications, and Alerts:

Employee Self Service provides notifications and alerts for the documents such as Passport expiry, Driving License expiry, Shift Change, Birthday, Anniversary, Upcoming Holiday, and so on. A customizable dashboard where you can post 

company policy documents
Training schedules if any
Pending requests
Documents pending approval


Cloud Based HRMS with employee self-service applications can be accessed through your Android and IOS mobile phones or through the web portal from anywhere in the world.

When you get the best HRMS Software like HORIZON HRMS, changing the existing processes isn’t as time-consuming or complicated as it looks. The total ownership cost of modern solutions is also affordable as the return on investment is Complete Automation. 

If you need to know more about Horizon EBS, you can write to us at or ring us at +971 4 353 3727

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Successful 30 years of Frontline Information Technology

Frontline Information Technology - Leading the way in ERP

Starting in 1992, when it comes to industry-specific ERP solutions, Frontline Information Technology is always at the forefront. Through the locally developed proprietary ERP solution- Horizon EBS, Frontline Information Technology has been serving MENA clients in the field of Construction, MEP, General Contracting, Facilities Management, Real Estate, Trading and Manufacturing industries for the past 30 years.

 Frontline Information Technology is always looking for long term relationships with their esteemed clients which is evident from the fact that their decade-old clients are still retaining them. Horizon EBS is a tried and tested solution made at the top of the line with technology, with a dedicated local support team. 

 Industries that Frontline IT serve:


Best construction ERP
Horizon EBS, the best ERP for the construction industry, provides an integrated solution encompassing Finance, Project Accounting, Procurement & Inventory, and HRMS functions so that all the departments of the company are on the same page when it comes to civil contracting projects.



Apart from the regular features mentioned above, MEP contracting ERP should also cater to the clients’ aligned activities like the AMC services that they provide, which may grow into an independent Facilities Management company in future. Horizon EBS has the scalability to support the MEP companies. 


Facilities Management

Facility management software uae
Horizon FMS combines the CAFM software capabilities with ERP accounting software. Horizon Facility management software also has aligned Technician apps and client apps for the Facilities Management Companies to serve their customers effectively.


General Contracting

General contracting ERP
Horizon EBS is the best ERP for contracting which is custom built for this industry with the top practices that the pioneers of the industry follow. Frontline IT can help general contracting companies in organizing their business activities by providing the best ERP in UAE.


Real Estate

Horizon real estate ERP software is a lease management software that helps real estate companies in managing the leasing clients by properly taking care of their PDC and contracts with prompt notifications and also provided with maintenance management software to take care of the real estate companies’ maintenance activities.


Trading & distribution

Horizon EBS is the best ERP in UAE which can take care of a trading and distribution company by automating their business processes with real-time sales reporting, enhanced collaboration and approvals 
which in turn increases visibility and control.

Products Offered

Frontline IT is flexible when it comes to the deployment of the ERP solution. Horizon EBS can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud as per the convenience of the Customer.


  Horizon EBS - a bespoke ERP solution

   It is the flagship product of Frontline Information Technology,             which integrates the below Modules

§    Financial Accounting

§     Fixed Asset Management

§     Project Accounting

§    Procurement and Inventory Control

§     Human Resource Management System (Standard)

§    Sales Management

§     Manufacturing Management

§     Facility Management with Mobile Apps

§  Real Estate Management

§  Approval Management System

§  Supplier Self Service Portal

§  Approval Management App

§  Human Resource Management System (Advance)

§  Plant, Machinery, and Vehicle Management

§ Bank Facility Management

§  Dashboards


 Horizon FMS

 It is a Computer Aided Facility Management Software which is built for FM companies to manage their operations. 
A powerful integrated solution that will help FM companies to track the entire expenses like material, machinery and HR while executing  FM                                                      projects and eventually completing them profitably.

§     FM Help Desk and call centre

§     Contract Management

§     SLA Management

§     Task Assignment

§     Site Survey - Pre-quotation

§     Preventive/proactive maintenance

§     Quotation

§     Callout/Work Order

§     Invoicing - Auto / Manual

§     Site Induction

§     Accident / Incident Reporting

§     Dashboards

§  Asset Management

§  Mobile App for Field Staff and Technicians

§  Client Self Service Application

§  Procurement and Inventory Control

§  Financial Accounting

§  Fixed Asset Management

§  Human Resource Management System (Standard)

§  Approval Management System



 Horizon HRMS

It is not only a payroll management system but a comprehensive HRMS system which takes care of entire HR activities. 
Horizon HRMS helps you manage your organization right from Recruitment Management, employee data management, loan management, and entitlement tracking till he/she leaves the organization with an accurate final settlement procedure. It has a WPS payroll system which can cater to either office staff-intensive companies or labour-intensive contracting companies. It also has Employee Self Service mobile app.

§     Employee Management

§     Leave Management

§     Time Sheet Module (Daily / Monthly)

§     Payroll Management

§     WPS (Wages Protection System)

§     Employee Benefits (Accrual)

§     Loan Management

§    Final Settlement

§     MIS Reports and Dashboards

§    Recruitment Management

§    Performance Appraisal

§     Training Management

§     Letter Management

§    Visa Monitoring System

§  Accommodation Management

§  Employee Self Service with Mobile Applications


 Horizon eProcure

It is a procurement management system that can accomplish the entire procurement activities digitally right from the vendor prequalification, material requisition management, raising the Purchase orders, receiving the goods and Supplier appraisals. 

Frontline IT Implementation and Support System

It is only through meticulous planning and execution that Frontline IT has been able to achieve a near perfect implementation record of its ERP solution. A well-crafted implementation methodology combined with experienced manpower who can handhold the end-users is the success mantra followed by Frontline IT. Unlike other ERP vendors, Frontline IT follows up successful implementation and training procedures with unparalleled local support for their clients. It is the x-factor that distinguishes Frontline IT from the rest of the best ERP software vendors in the UAE.

Rewards & Recognitions

Horizon EBS has been recognized for its best user experience.         


With all this in consideration, we have crafted you an industry-specific ERP solution that matches your exact requirement. When you get the right software like Horizon EBS Solution, changing the existing processes isn’t as time-consuming or complicated as it looks. The total ownership cost of modern solutions is also affordable as the return on investment is great – Complete Automation. If you need to know more about Horizon EBS, you can write to us at or ring us at +971 4 353 3727

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Key Differences between Saas and Onpremsie

Factors to consider while choosing your ERP

Best SaaS erp software aue

SaaS – Software As a Service

saas erp software for contracting
SaaS is a software licensing and delivery model where the software can be used on the based of a subscription and is centrally hosted. A Saas software doesn't need to be installed and maintained, you can merely access it via the Internet, liberating yourself from complicated software and hardware management.

SaaS is a recurring revenue model and provides faster deployment time than on-premises software. In keeping with other cloud services, SaaS offers small level organizations an opportunity to use High-End systems while taking advantage of fair SaaS pricing models.


On-premise software is software that runs on in-house servers at your own location, or at locations under your control. On-premise isn't accessed through the internet and cannot be used outside of the physical workspace, but can be used on different mobile and handheld devices

best erp in uae

On-Premise is a one-time cost Investment, where the software is hosted on a physical server or on a Cloud infrastructure. By hosting the software within the organization's premises, the data is more secure. 


1. Cost

SaaS: SaaS can be implemented at a much smaller initial cost, which can be attractive to small and medium businesses. Organizations can have an access to the entire software by paying less money

On-Premise: One-time investment, where the company needs to invest in IT Infrastructure, hardware and Security, and additional resources

2. Backup


  • Lowered infrastructure costs
  • Automated |Backups
  • Easy data recovery
  • Protect from Malware and ransomware attacks

On-Premise: Data backups need to be taken on a regular basis, External hardware or cloud spaces are required to store the data and may cause data loss.

3. Simplicity

  SaaS: SaaS is easier to implement from a technical perspective. The company don’t need to purchase any physical servers to maintain the software. 

      On-Premise: On-premise implementation is a much longer process that needs more time in terms of  planning, but also execution

4. Customization and Upgrades. 

SaaS: Minor Customization and free upgrades are involved in the subscription charges. Additional features will be added if there is any development in the software.

On-Premise: Adding a new feature or Customization involves more planning, execution and huge investment for the company.

5. Flexibility and Accessibility

SaaS: SaaS is flexible in terms of cost. According to the business growth, the solution scale can be increased or decreased at any point in time. The company can plan the resources accordingly.

On-premise – The company has more control over the data and other aspects but, it also means much less flexibility when it comes to accessibility – the applications can’t be accessed off company grounds.

6. Support & Maintenance:

SaaS: Since SaaS solutions are subscription-based, all the support and maintenance activities are included in the package.

On-Premise: Since the Company will have more control over the data any issues related to the bugs internal IT team need to solve the issues.

7. Resources

To manage the on-premise software dedicated employees might be required wherein SaaS-based cloud solutions can be implemented and support can be provided from anywhere and thus reducing the cost.

Considering the requirements of customers, Frontline information technology has crafted an industry-specific ERP solution that matches your exact requirement. We provide our solutions in SaaS,                On-premise[ Physical servers and cloud servers] depending upon the preferences and policies of the companies. 

When you get the right software like Horizon EBS Solution, changing the existing processes isn’t as time-consuming or complicated as it looks. The total ownership cost of modern solutions is also affordable as the return on investment is great – Complete Automation. 

If you need to know more about Horizon EBS, you can write to us at or ring us at +971 4 353 3727

Click here to get in touch with us.

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Digitalize your procurement with HORIZON eProcure solution

    Digital procurement solution - HORIZON eProcure 

Best erp software uae

What is E-Procurement?

eProcurement is the process of buying and dealing goods and services over the internet. E-Procurement creates digital communication lines between buying associations and their suppliers. This will ease the process of requisitioning, ordering, and exchange of purchase documents in the business world.

Eliminate Manual Procurement Processes

No matter whether you are small or big If you’re still working on Papers and manual procurement processes, you’re likely facing several challenges –

High procurement costs,
Lack of compliance with negotiated contracts,
Limited visibility into spending
Delicate supplier relations.

HORIZON eProcure can help overcome these challenges by barring time-consuming and error-prone processes from procurement operations.

Digitalize your sourcing and procurement process with HORIZON eProcure software

Horizon eProcure is a procurement management system that takes care of the complete lifecycle of the procurement management process in an association, from sourcing the suppliers, managing material requisition, finalization of the seller, entering the delivery of goods and final payment.

Supplier and seller sourcing

Sourcing suppliers or sellers enables you to find, estimate and unite with them to achieve cost-saving and get good quality goods & services. With the Horizon eProcure, a procurement management system, you can bid the supplier or seller from your website to select the supplier and automate qualifying them with the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).

Supplier Self-Service Portal

The best supplier or seller has the access to the portal to view requests, unite or communicate. The supplier can send quotations, purchase orders, submit checks and further with the web-based procurement system.

Supplier Relationship Management System

Detect the best supplier and ensure savings with a negotiation to the bottom line with a clear comparison. The purchase order history and their delivery details over a period help you to take better opinions on choosing the right supplier. Horizon eProcure system gives full visibility and organizes all applicable information together for better synchronization.
The web-based or cloud-based procurement solution helps to fetch the data from anywhere and accelerates procurement progress. The system improves seller management, simplifies material requisition and speeds up quotation approval with an automated approval process. The system can be configured as per the hierarchy.

Features of HORIZON eProcure

Why you should use E-Procure?

Centralized, all-in-one result

Manually procurement keeps the data scattered and managing purchases, in turn, becomes tedious. With the data consolidated, Horizon eProcure keeps order requests, Approvals, and status on the same page and helps everyone to look at the same thing to get a consolidated view.

Budget control and track

The important aspect of procurement operation is tracking and managing the available budget efficiently. Horizon eProcure links all the information, strengthen supplier commerce to speed up decision and choose cost-effectively. A holistic view of spending helps in prioritizing & deliver on time.

Supplier lifecycle operation

Supplier operation is the core functionality of the procurement system. Horizon eProcure will help in onboarding, managing and analyzing suppliers. The performance of suppliers can be measured at a regular frequency and estimated for a smooth business process.

More Insights and reports

Horizon eProcure supports in analysing the entire purchase history and gives a scope of actionable insights. The system will enable you to compose the appropriate and more reliable reports to facilitate conclusion making and improve future predictions.

Cloud-based eProcurement

The contemporary work environment has changed and businesses can no longer depend on an on-premise procurement system. It is preferred to access the software from anywhere to perform procurement operations on the go. Horizon eProcure is scalable, cost-effective and maintenance-free.

Supplier Self Service

The supplier self-service which is integrated with the procurement will authorize tracking order status, delivery schedule, payments and all relevant information. The module eliminates manual errors and enhances the supplier relationship.

To know further about Horizon eProcure, you can write to us at or ring us at +971 4 353 3727.

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Why you should choose a local ERP software provider in UAE?

The Significance of having a local ERP support

In this age of Information, it is very difficult to find a company not using any type of IT products or services, be it at any level. Let it be a website for a local cake shop or a sophisticated ERP system for a contracting company where there are multiple departments that are integrated using different functional modules like Finance, Operation, HR etc. 

cloud erp software dubai

Especially in the case of ERP solutions, it is always advisable to have your vendor presence available locally i.e., in your city as it will always come in handy in situations like emergency technical support or routine maintenance. Even though the cloud-based solution is popular these days, companies can utilize those ERP vendors who can drop in at your office at a phone call.

On-site support

Since these days’ IT support is available remotely, most of the time while procuring new ERP solutions, the local support factor is ignored. There are many options available for the company when buying ERP software from around the world, that can give all features required for an ERP software with online
support. But what happens, in reality, is that time zone differences, miscommunication or gaps in your project outline may hamper getting the issues sorted. A local service provider will still function remotely, however, when an emergency problem arises they can send a person to the client's premises immediately. This means less time is wasted and the users can get on with their regular work. 

On-site training

An ERP company having a local presence with employees understanding the nuances of the ERP user behaviour will only be able to train the users in a better way. Some of the employees in the company may not be well versed in effectively using and utilising the features of ERP software. This can be a challenge in successfully implementing ERP software. Some of the users might not be comfortable taking online training sessions which may derail the ERP implementation itself. The presence of a team of experienced IT consultants can overcome this hurdle.

Top erp software uae

Steadfast Loyalty

MEP erp software
Overseas companies will be working under different laws and obligations. Their working standards may vary, and their cultural differences however minute may prove critical during emergency situations. Whereas, a local ERP supplier work as per your country’s laws and regulations, so they understand the legal implications of the contractual terms. 

More importantly, they are answerable in case of any slip-up, which in turn increases the responsibility on part of the local ERP company to finish their work. In any case, you can arrange a face to face meeting to review the implementation progress or any other deliverables.

Best ERP software UAEFuture Requirements

You must always invest in an ERP solution by foreseeing your future requirements in terms of business expansion, increase in manpower and venturing into aligned businesses. In all the scenarios, a local ERP supplier’s support will be beneficial as they will be able to scale the capability of ERP as per your business expansion plans.

Added Advantages

Having a neighbourhood ERP provider fuses the benefits of utilizing an outsourced IT company and the benefits that an in-house IT team would provide. In the end, opting for a local ERP company eases the financial burdens and improves the product substantially. This is above and beyond the challenges and frustrations, the users will face in the case of an overseas ERP supplier over the time zones. 

Best ERP software UAE

The cultural differences and understanding of user mentality is also vital factor. Nearness will matter as the ERP software is very much a service as much as it is a product, which requires constant communication during and after the software implementation. 

Your venture will flourish so will your community.

This is where the top ERP solution provider in UAE Frontline Information Technology can make a difference to you, wherein we are the trusted ERP partner of topline companies and groups of companies for more than a decade. With all this in consideration, we have crafted you an industry-specific ERP solution that matches your exact requirement.

When you get the right software like Horizon EBS Solution, changing the existing processes isn’t as time-consuming or complicated as it looks. The total ownership cost of modern solutions is also affordable as the return on investment is great – Complete Automation.

 If you need to know more about Horizon EBS, you can write to us at or ring us at +971 4 353 3727.

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