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Why you need a HRMS Software for any Organization??

Technology has evolved to allow massive strides in the entire HR operation process. What was formerly stored in heaps of paper lines and fine old closets, is now streamlined to offer expansive availability. therefore, HR software has made its way to make managing people lightly. It does this by keeping track of all the tasks, data, and processes involved in pool operation.

Starting and rolling successful small and medium enterprises( SMEs) always depends on how efficiently you're able to handle your human resources. It's about having well- organized and effective HR processes in place that insure your HR Team have every data they need. This information improves inter-team collaboration, increases workers ’ trust on the operation, and enhances their productivity.

“ Gartner systems predicts that by 2025, 60 percent of global midmarket and large enterprises will be using a cloud based  HRMS Software for executing their HR and administration operations. still, there will be some percent of people who will still prefer to use the orthodox methods.

6 Crucial benefits of HR Management Software for SME'S

When you have an advanced HR operation system, it gives easy access to your Employee data and payroll information. It enables businesses to make a pool of great workforce and give them with necessary career advancement opportunities.

The software offers you a holistic view of the employees through a single platform and these information helps in making strategic opinions for hiring, training, and retaining the right people to pursue the business objectives.

Align efforts with Business Achievements

A streamlined HR operation system enables you to identify the capabilities of each employee and realize their individual capabilities and allocate tasks aligned with your business objects. When the expectations are predefined, it helps workers to understand their responsibilities and prioritize workflows to remain engaged and motivated for refining their performance to achieve their assigned Goals. The Human resource management software helps SMEs to make data- driven operation and brings out the best of organization.

Run Error- Free Payroll

Manual payroll calculations may have mistakes. One of the major downsides of using traditional styles for payroll processing is that it can lead to expensive crimes. Also, your employee may find it grueling to manage the criticality of payroll computation along with their other workloads.

Time Management

Digitization has bettered the Increased the productivity of the HR Team. Once an HR software is successfully enforced, it automated the operation processes, saving your admin team from doing repetitative tasks.

The system captures employee information to insure that all data is easily available for generating detailed reports that would give you with deeper perceptivity on employee performance. This helps directors or management set expectation or goals for employees, better evaluate their progress on every task, and assess their training requirements.

Improved Employee Experience

When your workers need to spend time searching and gathering information related to their employment, they fail to contribute their 100 percent towards important tasks at hand.

An automated HRMS with an integrated Mobile App/Self service portal for employees empowers them to get access to all their information similar as payroll, leave balance, Increments and Promotions, appraisal, and so on. This information availability improves employee experience and boosts their morale, thereby adding their engagement and satisfaction.

Customizable System to feed to Your requirements

Every organization has a different HR policy set up for how employees are salaried, rated, and internally organized. The new- age HR software is available with customizable features. This means now you can choose the functionality of your HR System as per the requirements of your HR department along with the provision to make data and programs accessible to employee. A tailored system not only reduces the workload on your HR Department but also ensures that all data are secured.

Data Security and Accessibility

Indeed for small and medium- sized business traditional ways of recording and managing employee data needs considerable quantum time. HRMS software helps you fluently manage employee records. The system stores data digitally which can be recaptured when demanded. And since the information is stored on cloud, the service providers take necessary way to insure your data is secure.


Advanced HR software's not only gives easy access to employee information and automates complex workflows but also increases effectiveness and reduces time on reworks.

Frontline Information Technology offers customized HR and payroll systems to help organizations drive the well- being of businesses by managing employee engagement, Increase in productivity, and stimulating growth. 

If you need to know more about Horizon HRMS, you can write to us at or ring us at +971 4 353 3727

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What are the Activities to be carried out Post ERP Implementation?

An ERP project implementation is a complex activity. Since the upfront investment of time, money and effort is huge, the life of ERP Implementation is supposed to be anywhere between 10 to 20 years. 

The internal ERP implementation team can be authorized to review the status post-implementation. They can improve the ERP application, manage bottlenecks, tweak and improve the system, and look for continual productivity gains and learning.

 This team should be made up of both functional and technical personnel. Typically, the system stabilization period lasts from three to nine months. When problems arise, there should be a standard operating procedure that deals with them and that everyone is aware of. 

The customer help desk is a call center facility provided by the vendor, which allows the client to log problems that he cannot resolve. In- house help desk needs to be set up to support the end users. 

Post-go-live activities are the following:

  • Data migration from the legacy system to the new ERP system
  • Bottleneck resolution: first, it will be different depending on the project. Second, the cross-functional nature of ERP process design is likely to generate bottlenecks, particularly where different departments have different resources. 
  • Third, when the actual data entry takes place at the respective departments, manual errors may happen due to the unfamiliarity of the system. Fourth, connection to the old ERP system may affect the performance of the new ERP system. 
  • To detect bottlenecks-an internal ERP data analysis and organizational analysis are required to be done by the internal ERP review team. Internal ERP analysis is done on the data; exception reports and transaction data are analyzed for new and recurring problems.
  • Documentation like user manuals, workflow diagrams, etc., and training are required to be imparted to the end-users before going live.
  • Audit and review for comparison between plans and reality, at least on three major parameters, viz. Horizon EBS system design and implementation, expected versus actual system capabilities, planned and actual use.
  • Any compromises in the implementation are deviations from a planned implementation- generally to save time or money.
  • Interfaces, Upgrades, and Extensions: additional features are done during the upgrades. Interfaces may be tweaked after the implementation of Horizon EBS. Extensions include bolt-in software e.g. CRM integration.
  • Evaluating Success: after the stabilization period, cost-benefit analysis or balance scorecard
  • approach. Timing is an important factor in the evaluation of success
  • Balance scorecard gives the firm multiple objectives from multiple perspectives, including financial, vendors, customers, learning and growth, and internal business processes.

Post-implementation review is a good exercise to learn the following for the implementation:

  • Does the software do what is expected of it?
  • What are the outstanding or emergent issues?
  • What can be learned from the implementation?
  • What could have been done better? 
  • How this can be used in the future?
  • What timescale/ budget is required to deal with the remaining issues?
  • Has the project been a success?

Frontline Information Technology is a leading provider of ERP results that helps your business run more efficiently and grow. We replace heritage systems to help you in this bid!

With 30 years of experience in ERP development, we offer you our best service throughout implementation and forever. With Horizon EBS , we ensure that your trading and distribution business will flourish in the days to come with a properly streamlined business process

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Benefits of Approval Management System – Horizon EBS

An Approval Management System is a vital part of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that allows a company to manage the approval process in various departments. It ensures that the right people are involved in the decision-making process, and it helps streamline the process by automating repetitious tasks.

Approval Workflow Automation

Here are some of the challenges that can affect your business and its success

In a large or medium-sized organization with multiple departments, there can be multiple-level hierarchical approval workflows, and it is problematic for any person to seek physical approvals from all departments and his line managers.

If the approver of a particular transaction is unapproachable or on leave, the approval process will be on hold and the process is delayed affecting all the inter-related activities and amounting to a massive loss for the organization.

Considering the above impact on business growth, it becomes prudent for any organization to have a proper Approval Management System. If you don’t have a system in place, don’t worry we have the right choice of solution Horizon EBS – Approval Management System to bring hockey stick growth to your business.

Essentials of Approval Management System

The approval Management System is unique for each process in a department and it varies between organizations based on their requirement. Horizon EBS – Approval Management System is flexible and helps you to create your own task process. The common tasks in defining the approval process include

Submission: A representative or employee initiates submitting a document, invoice, purchase order, or anything in the system.

Assign approvers: If the process has multiple level approvals, define each level and the person who has to approve and take the decision.

Define permission hierarchy: Set user authority level and which user needs to approve at each stage of the hierarchy.

Set due date: Define deadlines to keep the task moving on each level and prevent roadblocks.

Alerts and reminders: Configure reminders to alert and notify of task performance. Automatic alerts on submission approval, rejection, or update request to advance to the next level. Status on submissions that undergoes multiple updates can be sent to everyone to keep them informed.

Audit log: Save every step in the approval progress for transparency and consistency.

Key benefits of approval automation workflow

Streamlines business processes and ensures they are followed each time.

Define single, group, or hierarchical approvals.

Optimizes time and helps in taking a smart decision.

Ad-hoc approvals to perfectly handle in the absence of an approver.

Complete transparency to check on the status of the task progress.

Approve or reject requests instantly from email, without logging in to the ERP system.

Get notified instantly with push notification.

Eliminate administrative errors

Build a robust automated approval process with Horizon EBS

Empower your team to go above and beyond borders with the perfectly designed integrated Approval Management System and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Get real-time visibility into the approval process as it happens with email and push notifications.

When teams have clarity on the task progress, there are a lot of things they can accomplish at the same time interval. You can write to us at or call us at +971 4 3533727 to know more about Horizon EBS.

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Why your Organization should change to Tailored ERP solutions from Old Book Keeping software's

 New business Conditions and progressions mean that companies need to keep pace with these new demands. This is why associations of every size should move from heritage software results to a tailored ERP result for your business as the advancements they give will help you meet request demand now and in the future.

Business-critical information is frequently handled and stored in outdated systems, which can Invoke issues like

➥ threat of maintaining old and obsolete heritage systems.

➥ Slow and dragging procedures lead to dropped productivity.

➥ heritage software isn't compatible with ultramodern technologies like Artificial Intelligence( AI) and the Internet of effects( IoT).

On the other hand, ERP results are created to help associations manage massive data and other business conditioning more effectively. These systems also store data in a centralized position so that workers of colorful departments have access to it.

ERP software has a variety of benefits for businesses. piecemeal from the fact that it can automate numerous processes, this nimble result also enhances productivity and therefore saves time.

Replacing your heritage system with an ERP suite is another important factor to consider when espousing similar real-time decision-making tools in your company.

➤ Limited Scalability and Growth

As your business expands and grows, you'll realize that the software presently being used isn't veritably scalable. This can be a huge problem as it might come delicate to manage with the added number of products or services. An ERP system provides just this result scalability! The ERP has been designed so that companies like yours will not run into any similar problems during growth and expansion ages by easing an easy transition from one phase to another easily through its features.

➤ inadequate Features

When it comes to heritage fabrics, they're made up of numerous- demesne systems that don't interact with one another. Integrating them is necessary for their work together.

still, quality control issues deal with performance, If you can accept that you have faced the challenges of having to manually track force. CRM integration is also available with these software systems, allowing marketing departments to unite more fluently on juggernauts.

➤ High Cost of Operation

There are other costs to consider when it comes time to replace your heritage ERP system.

The cost of maintaining an old, outdated system with no manufacturer support is high and may not be worth the price at each in some cases. On top of that, changes can break effects or bear you to spend further plutocrat on structure upgrades every now and also- installing a new pall-grounded result is nearly always cheaper than this overall!

➤ Lack of Capability to Interact with Other Systems

To epitomize, heritage operations fail to communicate with other systems. As a result, associations need multiple styles of reacquiring data and handling processes. still, ultramodern ERP results are stand-alone software that incorporates several systems for all business conditioning and operations.

For illustration, in ERP systems, colorful modules are used to manage the account, product, deals and order operation, control of quality, client relations, and other conditioning. As a result, companies can witness smaller miscalculations and brisk delivery with an automated frame.

➤ difference in Function

As your business model changes and new processes crop, the current software ultimately slows down and becomes painful to use due to a lack of updates. This can disrupt ongoing operations by crashing constantly or causing crimes that may bear precious data recovery services in order for you to continue without dislocations.

➤ conservation of Limited Information Access

In order to get anything done, you may need the support of people in other departments. Some workers might use spreadsheets because they don't want or can not go to learn how heritage systems work and their limitations.

Still, you will not be suitable to gain the benefits you paid for and your business demands will not be met by the system If you're unfit to do a certain function inside your ERP system.

➤ conservation Cost

Heritage ERP software is filled with features that can handle critical business challenges and manage vast volumes of data efficiently. To address the business enterprise challenges, you need to take care of several effects in your system and bear different customizations.

As businesses calculate more on technology, they need to invest in ERP systems. For illustration rather than using old software and spending a significant quantum of time managing daily operations and customizations manually with limited features, there are certain benefits an association can get from enforcing the right system that helps them enjoy better control over all processes.

These results come with thousands of different intertwined operations and modules which help automate all business operations efficiently. They're completely customizable to meet specific conditions, reducing functional costs by taking businesses to invest in one software package only.

➤ Failure to Visit Critical Business Data

Next-generation ERP systems store all data in a single database, allowing quick access to business information and harmonious visibility. This will enable companies to use it to make opinions much more snappily than those still counting on heritage systems that reuse different types of data independently.

As the business world changes and expands, heritage software becomes outdated and no longer suitable to meet request demands. The result is advanced ERP( Enterprise Resource Planning) software that meets these requirements manage deals volumes; automates processes; increases productivity across departments; streamlines workflow with a specific database.

➤ ERP Cloud Migration

Partnering with an educated ERP result provider company can help keep your data safe and secure If you allow migrating from a heritage system to the cloud.

Frontline Information Technology is a leading provider of ERP results that helps your business run more efficiently and grow. We replace heritage systems to help you in this bid!

With 30 years of experience in ERP development, we offer you our best service throughout implementation and forever. With Horizon EBS and Trading ERP software, we ensure that your trading and distribution business will flourish in the days to come with a properly streamlined business process

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Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) in ERP implementation: Challenges and ways to overcome

“Business Process Reengineering is the basic rethinking and radical re-design of business processes to realize substantial augmentation in important and up-to-date measures of performance like value, quality service and speed” 

BPR has totally 7 different phases: The tasks that consultants agree upon to perform BPR can be grouped into seven steps or phases. BPR begins with the essential factor - communication throughout the organization

1. Begin the organizational change

2. Building the re-engineering organization

3. Identifying BPR opportunities

4. Understanding the existing process

5. Reengineer the process

6. Blueprint the new business system

7. Perform the transformation

Challenges faced by Re-engineering efforts


• Tradition

• Time needs

• Cost

• Skepticism

• Job losses

Strategies to increase the possibilities of BPR Success

• Realize that it is not mandatory for every company needs BPR

• Expect strenuous resistance and manage it properly. Sell the modification by perpetually stressing the positive aspects of the transformation and also the advantages to be derived by the staff and also the company 

• Surround the project with a way of urgency, since comes tends to die unless the necessity to alter is pressing and is consistently re-emphasized.

• Get the management to completely support the project and have them build it clear that everybody is expected to support the project

• Keep the lines of communication with workers receptive to stop damaging and inaccurate rumors and misunderstandings

• Create an environment of trust and cooperation. Allay fears and supply assurances that the

company is genuinely caring about their workers

• Make sure that the people concerned are part of the change process.

• Staff the project with the most effective folks and supply them with the resources they have to achieve success

• Design the system from the end-users perspective, not from that of the company. Eliminate processes or steps that add no value to the end user.

• Make sure the staff are adequately trained to use the new system

• Be ready to alter the company’s culture and its structure, and re-organize the knowledge system to operate

• Go for tiny success initially. opt for additional dramatic comes once you have got gained some expertise in BPR

With all this in consideration, we have crafted a time-tested methodology for implementing an ERP solution that matches your exact requirement. When you get the right software like Horizon EBS Solution, changing the existing processes isn’t as time-consuming or complicated as it looks. The total ownership cost of modern solutions is also affordable as the return on investment is excellent – Complete Automation. If you need to know more about Horizon EBS, you can write to us at or ring us at +971 4 353 3727 

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