Horizon for Manufacturing

Intense global competition, increased material and labor costs, inadequacy in technically skilled workforce, and changing technology are some of the challenges plaguing manufacturers across the globe. Horizon’s comprehensive experience in providing solutions for manufacturing industries has helped businesses, overcome the challenges posed by the growing ever evolving requirements from the customers.

Make to Order ERP software or Build to Order manufacturing software must meet the unique requirements which are not met by traditional make to stock manufacturing software solutions. Many of the required materials for make to order manufacturing are not carried in stock, but must be purchased directly to the customer order. As the customer’s order is completed, it is shipped directly to the customer rather than passing through inventory. Costs need to be linked directly to the customer order, and compared with budgets for the order.

Horizon  for Manufacturing is a comprehensive make to order (MTO) software system designed to accommodate the unique manufacturing ERP software requirements of the made to order MTO manufacturer. It provides management with the tools needed to quote a price to the customer, enter the order and get it into the shop quickly, order the necessary materials, track the progress through the shop with closed loop MRP, and closely monitor the build to order actual costs.

It seamlessly integrates with inventory, purchase, subcontracting and accounts, giving you overall visibility to make timely and sound decisions. You can benefit from a flexible and comprehensive planning, scheduling and execution system regardless of whether you are a single plant, multi-plant, multi-geography or multi-company enterprise.

Through Horizon for Manufacturing, our clients have improved on-time deliveries and the management of materials, job inventory, customer orders, direct cost, sales reporting, estimating, engineering, production, scheduling, and finance.

Benefits at a glance

  • Analyzing material requirements accurately, keeping stocks as low as possible
  • Tracking the status of production jobs by monitoring dates, activities, material requirements, and subcontractor activities
  • Helping you to quickly look for suppliers and make just-in-time delivery arrangements
  • Enabling you to combine production orders and refine the production process to its maximum potential
  • Highly flexible processing of orders helps meet irregular sales demands
  • Collect time against jobs directly from the shop floor
  • Get accurate, up to the minute costing on every job with accessible status reports
  • Meet and exceed customer delivery deadlines
  • Meet your own job profitability targets
  • Run a more efficient business with reduced overhead
  • Manage every aspect of your business with a complete, integrated ERP manufacturing software solution

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