Manufacturing ERP System

ERP System

Manufacturing ERP system

Horizon Manufacturing Management Module is perfect suit for make-to-order environment, where the production order is based upon the sales order. In order to succeed in the made-to-order manufacturing industry, you must meet the diverse needs of your customers quickly and cost effectively. You need precise management of each job, good inventory and production controls, and an effective software solution. Our Manufacturing Management Solution steps in as an intelligent link between the sales order module, the production-planning module and the procurement department.

You can seamlessly translate sales orders, scrutinize the progress of individual production orders and have a clear picture of what needs to be procured. By combining several production orders and refining the production process to its maximum potential, you can curb wastage and inefficiencies in the cycle.

It helps companies to produce cost-effectively, without compromising on quality and quantity. With this module, you can plan, track, analyze, and control major factors including materials, machinery, people and money.

It provides a strong link between sales order and production process, helping you translate sales orders into production orders, meet sale delivery commitment, plan production by consolidating confirmed orders and forecasted demands, enabling better planning of inventory; minimizing wastage and inefficiencies, manage work orders, resource allocation and lead time

It seamlessly integrates with inventory, purchase, subcontracting and accounts, giving you overall visibility to make timely and sound decisions. You can benefit from a flexible and comprehensive planning, scheduling and execution system regardless of whether you are a single plant, multi-plant, multi-geography or multi-company enterprise.

Manufacturing ERP

Key features of manufacturing erp system

Book the sales enquiry from various customers/clients. Check the status of each enquiry vis-à-vis the quotation and actual order received.

Gain complete freedom in estimating costs for multiple products, clearly and accurately. Distinctly identify the key cost drivers. Determine product prices based on a comprehensive and accurate cost estimate for ensuring better margins.

Optimize your profit margin with an efficient and accurate quoting module based on the estimation.

Get complete transparency of your work orders. Tweak work orders easily to adapt to the dynamic manufacturing environment.

Plan well to keep production rolling, yet maintain optimal inventory levels. Plan work orders, or create manual orders for high priority requirements.

Cut purchase orders directly from a work order, allowing purchases to be tracked to a job and helping ensure you buy only what you need. Track all materials required for a job

Manage resources and track the status of production jobs by monitoring dates, activities, material requirements and subcontractor activities

Optimize production process by scheduling with precision. Explore and choose the scheduling functionality and options to manage production schedules.

Keep a tab on product and facility costs in real time. Easily compare actual manufacturing costs of products with their estimated and planned cost values. Gain access to real time cost data and make future strategies and decisions based on it.

ERP for manufacturing

Benefits of manufacturing erp system

Analyzing material requirements accurately, keeping stocks as low as possible

Tracking the status of production jobs by monitoring dates, activities, material requirements, and subcontractor activities

Helping you to quickly look for suppliers and make just-in-time delivery arrangements

Enabling you to combine production orders and refine the production process to its maximum potential

Highly flexible processing of orders helps meet irregular sales demands

Collect time against jobs directly from the shop floor

Get accurate, up to the minute costing on every job with accessible status reports

Meet and exceed customer delivery deadlines

Meet your own job profitability targets

Run a more efficient business with reduced overhead

Manage every aspect of your business with a complete, integrated ERP manufacturing software solution

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