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Implementing and operating any system has some cost involved. However, if an organization fails to train its user base on the proper use of the software the investment will largely be wasted. Avoid the number one mistake organizations make with regards to implementing a system and make training a priority from the beginning of the implementation project. The training program must address overview training for managers and executives, configuration training for the project team members, and functional training for the end users.

All users should be trained properly in using the system to its fullest. Different groups of people in the company will have different training needs. Managers need more focus on the decision-making and analysis features of the system while the clerical staff need more focus on how to perform their jobs. But all the users must be trained in the Horizon basics, overview of the system and its working, how an action by an employee triggers a host of events throughout the organization, how automation will help, what processes are changed and so on.

For the software to deliver on its value, end users must develop the skills and knowledge on how to use it effectively. End user adoption is critical to a successful software implementation and its on-going use – this is only possible with effective training. Our extensive training methodology, educational materials and user resources provide customers an excellent platform to develop an effective training program. The array of resources enables customers to choose the best options to meet their needs and tailor programs to their individual user preferences.

Our ERP services and deliverables include

Classroom Training

On-Site Training

Remote Training

Technical & End User Reference Guides

ERP Consultant

Our ERP trainers

Trainers provide the ability to easily create and provide custom training. Through its “show me, try me, test me” approach, our trainers provides a unique and interactive approach to learning. The method improves knowledge retention as learning is more effective when performed in the context of actual work. Further, content developed for training can be re-used in job aids, reference guides, product documentation etc.

ERP key features include

Easily create user training specific to your processes

Link content to the actual application screens

Track user progress and performance through training

Identify knowledge levels of individuals, groups or departments

Horizon System constantly changes due to upgrades, additional features, or addition of new functionalities. In addition, knowledge leakage due to employee attrition can be as high as 25% in any given year. Consequently, Horizon training is an ongoing business requirement and not a one-time event. Best practices suggest providing recurring refresher training to all system users. Also, to ensure ongoing knowledge retention, many of our clients make the successful completion of appropriate training courses part of the employees’ annual performance evaluation.

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