Horizon – Intelligent Business Solution (IBS)

We understands the needs of the growing organizations and thus has designed a Horizon – IBS to take your business to New Horizons, considering the scale of operations and the complexity that your business need to achieve giant leap of growth.

Horizon – IBS is highly suitable and meant for small and mid-size businesses to help their businesses and serve their customers better and more profitably.

Horizon – IBS delivers the proven, comprehensive financial management capabilities required to grow a changing, complex business. Horizon – IBS takes your business beyond traditional accounting software by streamlining operations across your entire organization and providing you with the real-time visibility you need to make better, faster decisions.

Horizon – IBS provides full fledged benefit of Integrated Business Management solution. An Enterprise Business Solution that enables an organization to automate all their Business Processes and Functions and thus improving Business Efficiency and Productivity.

Horizon – IBS is highly flexible, customizable & designed to integrate the Business Operations in verticals like Construction, MEP Contracting, General Contracting, Facility Management, Trading, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Interior Designing/FIT OUT etc.


Very sophisticated dashboards are exclusively designed to offer you complete visibility and control over the business processes in your organization. The dashboards are powerful enough to convert large volume of data into visual cues that enables you to perform efficient decision making. It gathers critical information and presents it in a simple format that can be interpreted at one glance.

Complete work flow management system to manage the hierarchical approval in various function. Workflow management system designed in unique way to provide complete visibility of the approval processes in an organization, it minimizes the delay on gaining approvals and eliminates paper usage.

It supports transactions in multiple currencies with user-definable exchange rates. Reports can be hand in all currencies.

It empowers you to take care of numerous subsidiary companies or branches across the globe that operates under the corporate headquarters adequately. It is equipped with multi-company management abilities so that it can manage financial consolidation required for separate subsidiary companies along with multi-company reporting and business intelligence.

Integrated modular design which covers Financial Accounting, Procurement and Inventory control, Sales Management, Project management, Human Resource and Payroll and many more. Our solutions are basically end to end business solutions but can be deployed as modular solutions and scalable to add more modules and features later.

No Need to wait for the Financial Year to End for Trial Balance, Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet Reports. You can keep any number of accounting years simultaneously open. They are all one click away at any time. Auto generation of closing JV & P&L items. Auto transfer of closing balance to next year.

It has a rich set of standard reports. All can be customized as per the requirement. Besides, these reports can be printed with or Without Letter Heads, Can Be Exported to various Formats like PDF, RTF, Excel etc.

Powerful Enquiry with Extensive Search Facility in all major forms along with Date Filters, Various Search Options, Various Sort Options, Ascending Order Or Descending Order Display Options, No. of Records per Page View Options to be selected by the user.

Powerful Multi-level Security features. User defined transaction types as well as voucher types with individual security. User Wise – Transaction wise user rights can be given

Benefits at a glance

  • It integrates all aspects of the business processes; sales, customer services, finance, procurement, inventory and HR. It provides more efficient work flow and improved productivity.
  • The implementation helps organizations to keep lower cost, better quality and quicker delivery.
  • One of the great benefits – It provides everyone in the organization on the same page looking at the same real-time data.
  • Less paper work, less input data and less repeated work – From enquiry to orders, any input data is available to everyone. It improves organizations productivity.
  • It reduces the inventory cycle time and increases inventory turnover also.
  • The departmental benefits include faster processing, accuracy, production and efficiency.
  • The systems provide right information to the right people at the right time anywhere in the world, enables you to improve productivity, enhance decision making and fast communication between employees, customers and vendors.
  • It eliminates duplicate work, repeated data entry, and automates all processes. It provides easy access to information.
  • The system standardizes the processes and improves overall quality.

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