Horizon – Human Resource Management Solution (HRMS)

Growing companies needs HRM solutions that work, and work well. Your HRM Solution needs to be useful, flexible, powerful and sophisticated. As you grow, your business demands a wider range of capabilities—without adding unnecessary maintenance, deployment time, and cost.

You need HRMS that are strong enough to meet your workforce needs today, but innovative, flexible and scalable enough to adapt as your business evolves and grows. With global competition and market pressure escalating, it’s more important than ever to have modern HRM solutions that are up to the challenge.

Horizon – HRMS software empowers organizational leaders with the critical tools and information they need to optimize the workforce and HR.

Horizon – HRMS is a comprehensive system which handles HR Functions like Recruitment, Offer Letter, Visa Monitoring, Accommodation/Camp Management, Training, Insurance Management, Performance Management, Payroll Management, Benefits (Leave, Gratuity, Airfare and other provisional benefits) Management and End of Service Management

Horizon – HRMS is a complete Human Resource Management Solution which manages & maintains Employee Profiles, Payroll preparation & WPS Sheet (.SIF File) with automatic calculation of allowances & deduction etc. System can store scanned documents of employees along with records to view them later when required urgent. Horizon – HRMS give reminders for various employee document renewal, leave etc.

It can be integrated with the other modules of the ERP software system making it a powerful instrument that enables Human Resource and payroll departments to access, process, operate and manage all aspects of the organization’s Human Resource cycle including payroll function.

Horizon – HRMS provide you with speedy and accurate information for controlling every aspect of your human resource with the help of its powerful MIS Reporting.

Features of Horizon - HRMS (Standard Module)

Horizon HRM Solution highlights all documents which are going to expire or already expired. No more fines for expired documents. You can set number of days before which you would like to get reminder of document expiry.

Maintain Basic details of employee with File No, code, department, designation, joining date, status, other personal details with insurance & skills, local contact details, home country contact details etc. to view or print when you need. It offers maximum information to be recorded for each employee, which is well categorized and organized for quick access purpose.

Maintain passport, visa and labor card along with respective expiry dates to get reminder before they get expire. Horizon HRMS provides report listing of passport details, visa and labor card etc. These reports can be printed or exported to excel, pdf file or 20 other different formats.

Maintain qualification details & work experience of each employee. User may input unlimited records!

Save unlimited scanned documents of each employee along with their records to view or print later as and when you need. You may also attach other format like word, excel or pdf etc for each & every employee record. If you have maintained employee's detail in excel / word files, you do not need to maintain separately. You may attach those documents along with respective employee record and system will maintain those documents and allow you to open / edit as and when required by the authorized person.

Maintain record of issued entitlement to each employee so you can get back valuable assets when employee leaves the company. This option is also useful to track, in case you issue certain things like dresses or safety shoes to employees every 6 months or a year

Input a record every time an employee goes on annual leave. You will input From date and To date of leave, Ticket given or not etc. System will automatically calculate total consumed leave and balance leave of each employee as per their joining date

Input Basic salary & bank details of employee along with OT profile assignment to automatic salary calculation. User may add unlimited allowances & fix deductions for each employee. System uses this information to prepare wps .sif file to transfer salaries through bank or exchanges.

Input a record every time you give salary increment and you will be in better position to take decision if it is right time to give increment when employees demand.

System automatically calculates monthly salary for all employees based on defined Basic Salary + Allowances – Deductions. You may input OT hours for OT calculation and absents to affect salary. User can print salary slips & monthly salary statement etc. System has an option to deliver respective salary slips by email to every employee in just one click.

You can define issued cash advance & agreed monthly installment in the system for the employee. It automatically deducts installment from monthly salary every month until full loan is recovered. Horizon HRM Solution have option in case you don't want to deduct installment for any particular month or want to increase or decrease the installment amount.

System has daily as well as monthly time sheet. With one click it generates time sheet for the month to save time and you can mark absents/leave for particular employees. Time sheet module is integrated with payroll to automatically deduct marked absents.

You can define unlimited over time (OT) profiles and define your own formulas. These OT profiles can be assigned to employees and payroll will automatically calculate OT amount for each employee as per their assigned formula.

You can define / change gratuity calculation formula. System will automatically calculate gratuity for every employee as per defined formula on the basis of their basic salary.

Other Add-On Modules (Advance Modules)

Employee Self Service streamlines HR processes and reduces HR administrative workload. It empowers both employee and supervisor to access directly and view all their leave information, salary slip, etc. It has become so invaluable that it is being terms as “an essential core application” for businesses. It provides essential benefits in terms of efficiency, time, ease in complying with HR rules and regulation. ESS App enables you to receive the notification on your phone/tablets, viewing the request and approved, disapprove or clarification requests on your phone. It has provision for Mobile, Tablet and Browser Based access.

Various departments or projects can raise a manpower request with required specification in terms of skills, experiences and qualification. The recruitment in charge can decide and plan to put the resources from the in house pool of resources or recruit it externally. It manages the complete manpower requirement and planning.

It effectively manages the recruitment processes of an organization. It helps Human Resource people optimize the processes involved in sourcing, interviewing and short listing candidates for any specific requirement down to making that candidate into an employee of the organization. It has List of vacancies with direct linkage to job descriptions. Actions taken by HR to fill all vacancies (candidate management). Managing application for vacancies: internal and external, Candidate to update CV and link to vacancies through your website or third party links. Complete on-line interview process: scheduling of interviews, management of the interview process etc.

This helps you to manage the complete VISA process for the newly recruited employees as well as renewals, cancellation etc. Different process and steps for different VISA type can be setup. This can updated and monitored further with various status and cost.

It can generate and manage various letters including post recruitment letters like offer letters and company employee letters like, warning letter, memo, increment letters, review letters or any other letters with user defined format. These issued letters will have complete history log with employee record.

This module allows the HR and Line managers an opportunity to conduct training more professionally. This module manages the functions like, Training Plans, Training requests and scheduling, Training management, Training venues, Training providers, Provision for internal and external training, Training skills mapping and Training costing and budgeting

Accommodation or camp can be defined by classifying it through group and category. Camp wise facilities and units can be defined up to unit wise bed space with various facilities. Employees can accommodated and group by their projects, nationalities, religion and food habits. Allocation and de-allocation of units can be done to various employees on discretion of the camp boss as per the availability.

This module allows HR and Management to create, manage and evaluate the skills or competencies required by a particular person for a particular job. It also allows HR and Management to create, manage and evaluate these skills or competency assessment questionnaires as a development tool for employees. It provides a more efficient way to perform employee reviews. It allows both the employee and the supervisor(s) to rate the employee on a wide range of standard skills and capabilities related to their current position. It displays critical information about employee such as salary for review and accomplishments, ultimately leading to a more productive and competitive workforce.

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