Cloud-based eProcurement Management System in UAE

Digitalize your procurement process to take complete control starting from sourcing and
nurturing suppliers to managing procurement process with the intuitive and
powerful procurement management system, Horizon eProcure.

Cloud-based procurement software

Digitalize your sourcing and procurement management process

Horizon eProcure is an procurement management system that takes care of complete lifecycle of procurement management process in an organization, from sourcing the suppliers, managing material requisition, finalization of vendor, receiving the delivery of goods and final payment.

Supplier and vendor sourcing: Sourcing supplier or vendor enables you to find, evaluate and collaborate with them to achieve cost saving and get good quality goods & services. With the Horizon eProcure, an procurement management system, you can embed the supplier or vendor application form in your website to grab the supplier details and automate qualifying them with the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).

Supplier Self-Service Portal: The qualified supplier or vendor has the access to the portal to view request, collaborate or communicate. The supplier can access quotation, purchase order, submit invoices and more with the web-based procurement management system.

Supplier Relationship Management System: Locate the best supplier and ensure savings with negotiation to bottom-line with clear comparison. The purchase order history and their delivery details over a period helps you to take better decisions on choosing the right supplier. The procurement management system, Horizon eProcure gives visibility, completely organise and source all relevant information together for better synchronisation in procuring materials.

The web-based or cloud-based procurement solution helps to access the data or request from anywhere and accelerates procurement progress. The system improves vendor management, simplify material requisition and speeds up quotation approval with automated approval process. The system can be configured to process a hierarchical level of approvals.

Accelerate source-to-procure and take complete control of procurement management process

Procurement management software modules

Procurement system in UAE

Smart Procurement management system

Streamline your vendor registration process online. Easily embed an online vendor registration form in your website to collect all the required information of the supplier/vendor.

Define a prequalification questionnaire to ensure that the suppliers are qualified enough to carry out the work.

Horizon eProcure is a complete procurement management system to unify your source-to-procure process. The system digitalises all expense management, improves transparency with suppliers and enhance quality.

Efficiently manage all the purchase requests and instantly get updates on the progress and product information from multiple vendors. Procurement management system - Horizon eProcure helps in managing all expense related process and ensure to procure at the best possible price.

The approval process is unique for each process and varies between an organization. Horizon eProcure is flexible and allows you to define your own approval hierarchy. The complete process is streamlined and it ensures they are followed the same each time.

Deliver POs and automatically create orders for the purchase request that are approved. The suppliers are instantly communicated with the required product and quantity specifications.

Horizon eProcure, the cloud-based Supplier Self Service portal gives a seamless access to purchase orders and enables to digitally send invoices for payment.

Streamline and automate payments of PO invoices shared by the supplier in the supplier self-service portal. The Horizon eProcure allows both the instant payment or partial payment of the invoices as the materials are delivered.

Horizon eProcure is seamlessly integrated with any standard ERP software. The integration with accounting, inventory and other modules eliminates data redundancy and human errors.

The best procurement management software features

Uniquely designed procurement management software for businesses in UAE

Centralised, all-in-one solution

Manually processing procurement keeps the data scattered and managing purchase in turn becomes tedious. With the data centralized, Horizon eProcure keeps order request, approvals, status in same page and helps everyone to look at the same thing to get a consolidated view.

Budget control and track

The important aspect of procurement management is tracking and managing the available budget efficiently. Horizon eProcure links all the information, strengthens supplier interaction to speed up decision and choose cost-effectively. A holistic view on spend insight helps in prioritizing & deliver on time.

Supplier lifecycle management

Supplier management is the core functionality of the procurement system. The horizon eProcure will help in onboarding, managing and analysing suppliers in different category. The performance of supplier can be measured at regular frequency and evaluated for smooth business process.

Better insights and reports

Horizon eProcure helps in analysing the complete purchase history and gives a range of actionable insights. The filters enable to manipulate the relevant and more reliable reports to simplify decision making and improves the future prediction.

Cloud-based eProcurement

The modern work environment has changed and businesses can no longer depend on-premise procurement system. It is mandate to access the software to perform procurement operations from anywhere on-the-go. The cloud-based solutions are scalable, cost-effective and maintenance free.

Supplier Self Service

The integrated supplier self-service empowers to track order status, delivery schedule, payments received and all relevant information. The module maintains all the interactions and eliminates manual errors and enhances the relationship with suppliers.

Streamline procure-to-pay with procurement management software - Horizon eProcure.

Identify organizations need, qualify supplier, request proposal, negotiate and analyse to accelerate the procurement process with Horizon eProcure. Do you want to simplify your procurement process? Schedule a demo with us.

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