Robust & Powerful VAT Enabled ERP Software

ERP Accounting Software

Get professional VAT enabled ERP software in Dubai.

Finance Accounting Module of Horizon is the heart of our ERP system.

Our module is designed specially to match the UAE / Middle East accounting standards and practices with complete VAT Enabled. This module is simple, flexible, scalable, and excellent in performance. It covers business accounting features such as General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Management Accounting, Budgetary Accounting, etc and offers all essential functionalities as per IFRS Standard.

The Module also includes Cost Centers, which is completely flexible in terms of defining branch location, division, etc, and their components.

Outstanding of Payables and Receivables with Ageing Analysis of both debtors and creditors with multilevel are some of the sophisticated features of this module.

It is extremely flexible and can either be used as an independent accounting module or integrated with other modules for maximum potential. It is completely integrated with other modules such as projects, procurement, inventory, sales, operation, human resources, etc.

Financial accounting ERP

VAT compliant accounting software in UAE

Accounting cloud ERP

Benefits of VAT accounting cloud ERP

Multilevel chart of accounts that enable you to take Trial Balance at any level with Micro and Macro level Analysis.

Powerful drill in - drill out enquires (e.g. From Balance Sheet to lowest level of voucher details).

Multi-dimensional Cost Centers, which are completely flexible in terms of defining Branch, Location, Division, and their components.

User-defined Transaction Types as well as Voucher Types with individual security.

Multiple sub-ledgers with online/offline matching facility.

Payment to suppliers with matching or on-account basis along with printing the cheque or bulk print the cheque at a later stage.

Bulk payment voucher creation with various criteria and facilities

Electronic Transfers of payments with Bank Upload or Integration

Complete cheque management for CDC and PDC with user-friendly PDC module for auto-generating JVs’ for Release, Bouncing & Cancelling of cheques and Re-Depositing’.

Powerful Enquiry with Extensive Search Facility in all modules along with filters such as Date, all the key fields, sorting sequence of any column, etc to be selected by the user.

Multi-company, Multi-branch, Multi-location, Multi-department, Multi-Currency with Consolidated Accounting

Preparing of Tax Invoice and Tax Credit Note for customers, Accounting of Tax Invoice and Tax Credit Note from suppliers, keeping of other complicated cases of VAT accounting, Preparing of VAT Return and Sophisticated VAT Closing –monthly or quarterly as applicable

Auto Year-end Procedure. Auto-generation of closing JV & P&L items. Auto transfer of closing balance to next year. No need to remember the closing accounts balances to be cleared.

Year-End can be processed more than once, if required, with security locking.

Powerful Audit Trail available for any data updated in the system.

The complete log is maintained for any activities of the user such as data entry/editing/update/delete / Print etc by tracking the date, time, and system or IP-Address from which the activity is carried out.

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