Bank Facility Management

Bank Facility Management serves as decision making tool for higher management for their groups’ financial activities. This also takes care of the complete treasury activities of a company.

After processing the data the system generates report like the current facilities available for companies in different banks, utilization of facilities by companies from several banks, consolidated statements of financial commitments in a particular period for a particular division or company towards a bank or beneficiary, group wise or company  wise collection forecast, etc.

It also includes the processing of bank facilities like, LC, LG, TR, Short term loan, Long term loan, etc. after calculating the cost involved in each activity. You will be to make apt decision which facility you may have to plan for your future commitments taking care of its cost and availability. It shall help you to take the decision to meet the future financial commitments after optimization of the companies’ existing financial resources and facilities.

It has interfaces to capture data with minimum effort which will be integrated with the existing financial and inventory system for the required linking. The system also has a number reports based on both current and history data to help management in planning/arranging funds and in decision making.

Key Features

You can easily grouping your facilities by tagging each facility. It shows group wise total facilities, payable amount, receivable amount etc.

It enables you to manage your various bank facilities information effectively and easily. You can manage vendors documents, goods receive and payment related information easily. It has an extensive feature than you can add all expenses as cost with imported items. It enables you to track customer bank, your receiving bank and others basic information. It enables you to manage Back to Back facilities.

Dashboard presents quick overview of your business. Module specific port-lets and interactive charts highlight brings key operation related information to your attention. Our dashboard can be customized by the users which help maximize their daily productivity.

Captured Data from Bank Facility Module and ERP systems to ensure data is mapped accurately and instantaneously to the required documents and minimizing manual data entry

Provide comprehensive information throughout the duration of the availed facilities. Sets alerts for automatic notification of significant events, such as new Facilities, amendments, approvals, maturities, payments, delays, expirations, latest shipment dates and other exception events.

Traces facility payments and manages maturity and payment dates, amounts, currency, fees deducted and accounts credited.

Benefits at a glance

  • No typing errors while creating documents
  • Integrated with ERP system, hence less chance of mistakes
  • Improved relationship with banks with reduction in discrepant documents
  • Speed – up document processing and checking, subsequent LC documents require hardly any effort
  • Standardize the LC processing throughout the team
  • Lowers your overhead costs
  • View and print Facilities immediately as advised
  • Receive automatic notification of a specific Facility status such as upcoming expirations, delays and payments
  • Reduce discrepancies caused by inconsistent document preparation
  • View required documents as they are being prepared
  • Manage and archive electronic documents with an audit trail of each transaction, reducing handling expenses
  • Streamline and manage creation of Facilities
  • Streamline reconciliation of invoices against Facilities

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