ERP Approval Management System

Electronic Approval Management

Quicken workflow with approval management system

Organisations are increasingly focusing on improving efficiency and productivity. Technology and systems are being used to improve Business Process Automation (BPM) to achieve gains in productivity and efficiency. Many organisations have deployed multiple and disparate systems that often lack the functionality to improve productivity.

Approval management functionality enhances Horizon by enabling users to automate and thus manage business processes more efficiently and cost effectively. A major advantage of the Approval management software solution is it enables you to focus on those processes truly enhanced by automation.

Does your approval process sit in multiple in-boxes, potentially delaying the procurement of much needed items? The tasks incorporated in a business process flow can be automated to allow the system to pass the work item, in this example the purchase order, to the needed individual(s) for approval so the procurement is approved and the purchase order is placed with the correct supplier in a timely manner.

Approval Management is not simply about improving and mapping workflow. It begins with the business rules which underlie processes and focuses on automating/integrating systems and people through processes and technology.

Workflow ERP Module

Key features of approval management in ERP

Function wise, transaction wise, amount limit wise, Rule-based (conditional based on business rules such as quantity or price, in the instance of our example of a Purchase Order) approval flows can be setup.

Various actions can be defined within the system for approving the documents.

Approval requests from various modules can be generated based on the setup done for approval flow. From Approval Management screen you can initiate your Process Requests, see all your initiated requests, see requests that need your Action, and provide Approvals quickly and easily.

Integrate disparate business applications into a single view for the user. Leverage existing IT infrastructure. Update external applications with improved validation, security and control. Link business systems with process logic rather than user behaviour

Approve the documents on the go. Horizon Approval Management App enables you to receive the notification on your phone/tablets, viewing the request and approved, disapprove or clarification requests on your phone.

Empower lower level management and staff without sacrificing control. Enforce compliance to business rules, policies and procedures. Provide preventative rather than detective controls (build the control into the process). Conform to legislative requirements Enforce segregation of duties. Manage documents and records as part of the process. Provide transparency in the processes with full audit trail

Speed up approvals

Benefits of streamlining workflow in ERP

Enables departments to reduce costs and turnaround times.

Manages everyday business tasks like material, purchase requests, sales quotations, payment vouchers and even capital expenditure more efficiently.

Improved relationship with banks with reduction in discrepant documents

Eliminates the guesswork and the uncontrolled paper trails by creating an electronic trail which is fully tracked and from which reports can be generated.

Improved communication, Promotes process innovation

Minimum change management and training requirements, Improved employee morale

Provides unbiased performance measurement of process maturity within a business

Helps to identify improvement opportunities

Approval Management makes provision for Mobile and Tablet, Browser Based and Windows user access.

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